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Swim. Andrew practiced his open water swimming at
WaveOne's Sandy Point swims earlier this summer.
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variable conditions. Every day is different. Every swim is different.  Please see our website for schedule and weather
weather cancellations. All swimmers swim at their own risk. Risks may include potential injury and death. Be safe.
Prices and event times subject to change without notice.  No refunds or transfers. Park, parking and entrance fees are
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2012 Monthly UPDATE
Directions to National Harbor
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The Standard for Open Water Swimming
HarborFest Tri Swims

2012 Races
Registration coming!

Washington’s Crossing                  July 8
Swim Across the Potomac   1.3 miles

2nd Annual
HarborFest Tri Swims    
                July 29
Sprint: 750m   Half: 1.2miles    Iron: 2.4 miles

3rd Annual
Swim for the Potomac  
                  Sept 16
Saturday  Kids fun 500m, 1k, 5k & 10k
Per swim price is $25. We have 20 swims
scheduled from May 10 - September 27
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Happy Hour Swim Season Pass
April/May OWS Swims and Clinics
swims are conducted by USMS coaches.
When:  Every Thursday from May 10 until September 22 -
Some Blackout dates will apply. Keep checking back.
20 weeks of fun open water swimming!
Time:  7:00pm to 8:00pm  CHECK UPDATES FOR ADJUSTED TIME!
 National Harbor South Pier at the Marina under the big tent.
Cost:  $25 for each swim

Purchase your season pass now – Only $249
Special pre-season pricing is only valid until May 1. Season pass ensures a spot during sold out
swims, priority check in, advance notice on WaveOne special events, and more. Only a limited
number of season passes will be available! Register now for a savings of 50%.

For more information or questions email
Swims, Clinics and Workshops
with the experts. GROUPS ARE WELCOME.
Please contact us at
info@waveoneswimming.com to arrange details.

Sandy Point, MD:
Saturday April 28
7am - 8:15am & 8:30am - 9:45am - Fundamentals of Open Water Racing Clinic will be
included. On water lifeguard supported. Registration does not include park entrance fee.

Lake Anna:
Saturday May 5
10:30 am - 11:45 am  Small Group two instructors will work with 10 swimmers max. This
workshop will include stroke technique and open water instruction. $35 ea.

Saturday May 5 - PeasantMan Clinic and Practice Swim
1pm - 2:30pm Choice of open swim or introduction to open water swimming clinic followed
by a swim. Fully kayak and lifeguard supported. Perfect for Peasantman participants. $16 ea.

Sandy Point:
June 3 & June 9
Similar format to above
Sandy Point swims.

National Harbor:
Registration coming!
June 2 with Open Water Expo
June 10, August 12, & August 26

PRIVATE/SEMI-PRIVATE Open Water Swimming Lessons Available
Contact Denis@WaveOneSwimming.com to arrange details.

Check website for new dates and updates. You will be required to sign a
waiver prior to participating in any open water swimming event.
1pm - 2:30pm Choice of open swim or
Fundamentals of Open Water Racing
lifeguard supported. Perfect for
Peasantman participants. Clinic will
include Fundamentals of Open Water
Racing with a special emphasis in cold
Cost per person is $16 ea. Proceeds go to
benefit High Cloud Foundation. Arrive
early to be numbered and sign waiver.
ON-Site registration will be
available until 12:45pm for $20  
Wetsuit Information:
Bonzai is offering a special 15% coupon for all
Wave One Swimmers.

The swim clinic this Saturday morning will be
sponsored and supported by Bonzai Sports.  
Wetsuits are available for purchase & rental. All suits must be reserved in advance from the
www.tribonzai.com website.

For rentals, please use the following specific instructions:
Hit the www.tribonzai.com website and click on the wetsuit rental link.
All rentals are $35.00
Please reserve your suit in advance. To receive your suit prior to the clinic you may chose either
an in-store pick up date, or we are happy to ship the suit. (Choose shipping option)

If you chose to purchase a suit, you may use our special Wave One Coupon for 15% off on all
wetsuit purchases.  In our Falls Church store we have a good selection of Blue 70 and Orca. Email
for availability - sales@tribonzai.com We also have a few close out suits from Quintana Roo -
Limited Availability.
Or shop online from our www.tribonzai.com and hit the " Extended Online Store Catalog: where
we have a good selection of TYR and Profile Wetsuits.
Use the key word - Wetsuit - for a complete listing.
When you check out - use the coupon code " w1swim" for a 15% discount.
State Park. Over 100 prime
triathletes and over 1000 that
sunny day!
PeasantMan Swim Clinic